About Us

BPTI helping others!

We value SERVICE to our community at BPTI!  We SERVE through providing attention and listening to every patient/client and each other with respect and dignity.  We also provide physical therapy care through Mission for Health.

In September of 2009 to the present our clinic has helped with Habitat for humanity and St.Francis of Assisi Catholic Church complete the construction of the homes in San Antonio, TX.

Beginning June of 2010 to present our family has led a group of TEENS (usuallly 10 juniors from the local high schools) from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and build and/or repair homes in Eagle Pass, TX

Here is some pics from our recent help on October 7th, 2011 with Habitat for Humanity!!

Installing the siding

Getting out supplies from storage


A Little Attitude from Anna Banana!

Taking a little lunch break!!

The Crew at the End of the Day!